Excuse me while I diverge from my usual geeky musings, but I need to get something out of my system. If you follow me on instagramyou know that last friday I went to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform at the Stade de France here in Paris. I won’t mince words: I’m a huge fan of both Bey and Jay…


Jan Willem van Welzenis - 2013
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Jenny Holzer 
"Human languages are usually the result of hundreds and thousands of years of complex influences, random changes, and adaptations. Even artificial languages such as Esperanto betray their origins in real language. High-level computer languages are, however, more deliberate conceptions. The challenge of inventing a programming language is quite appealing to some people because the language defines how a person conveys instructions to the computer. It was estimated in 1993 that there had been over 1000 high-level languages invented and implemented since the beginning of the 1950s."
Petzold, Charles. Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 2000. (via carvalhais)

untitled lines_05 series ii, 20142014.9.14_20.56.47_frame_0002Made with Processing
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"Janet Jackson’s ascendance was significant for many reasons, not the least of which was how it coincided with (and spoke to) the rise of black feminism. Until the 1980s, feminism was dominated, by and large, by middle class white women. They defined its terms, its causes, its hierarchies, its representations, and its icons. It wasn’t, of course, that black feminists didn’t exist before the 1980s. From Sojourner Truth to Harriet Tubman to Ida B. Wells to Rosa Parks to Maya Angelou—black women made enormous contributions in the struggle for racial, gender, and class equality. But their contributions were often minimized, and their struggles marginalized. As Barbara Smith writes in her landmark 1977 essay, “Toward a Black Feminist Criticism,” “Black women’s existence, experience, and culture and the brutally complex systems of oppression which shape these are in the ‘real world’ of white and/or male consciousness beneath consideration, invisible, unknown … It seems overwhelming to break such a massive silence” … Long before Beyoncé, Janet carved out a space for the openly feminist, multidimensional pop star. She created a blueprint that hundreds of thousands of artists have followed, from Britney Spears to Ciara to Lady Gaga. Rhythm Nation 1814 was the album that revolutionized her career and the pop landscape. It demonstrated that black women needn’t be second to anyone. But it wasn’t individualistic. Its rallying call was about the collective we. We could be a part of the creative utopia—the rhythm nation—regardless of race, gender, class, sexuality or difference. It made you want to dance and change the world at the same time. Unrealistic, perhaps. But 25 years later, it’s still hard to listen and not want to join the movement."

Vertical lines flow on circular envelope

Kazumasu Nagai, poster artwork for Identity, 1976. Source

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Fun fact: I completely made both grid dresses, and they have no sewing in them at all. They’re instead bound by small tin jump rings that had to be plied in and out of shape amongst the holes in the grid. 

The “MANIAC” at Los Alamos National Laboratory
One of the first computers, the name stood for Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator, And Computer.  Its creator, Nicholas Metropolis, named it in reaction to the long (sometimes absurd) acronyms that were used for these machines at the time.